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i'm glad to see you,
i had a funny dream and you were wearing funny shoes;
you were going to a dance, you were dressed like a punk
but you are too young to remember...

i've got no energy...i'm glad that you are waiting with me, tell me all about your day...
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later pcc.

thanks for the degree.

and even thought i still have to see you all the time because i will grace the halls of USF at your lakeland campus...i still really don't like you at all.

and jesus christ, how about some better administration? that'd be cool.

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i only feel cute when i wear my glasses.

it's awesome to be in love with yourself. because i really am. i only wish everyone could be as happy as i am being alone.

i have two options:

-try to take my graduation test somewhere else.

-wait, and take it next term, and take one easy class next term and work a lot and save money and move to orlando next summer.

i don't know. my parents want me to take the test and hurry up and finish school.

i hate decisions.

off to work. the library is a fun place. don't take it for granted, people.
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don't you love it when you wake up, and your throat feels like it's on fire, you have loogies that could stop a train, and your nose won't stop running AND your eyes water constantly?!

i sure do.

but i'm going to see the yeahyeahyeahs tonight, damnit!
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SO. MSI was fucking great. i'm serious. i wish i would've went to see them all of those times before. but to me, the opening band, retardobot, was..really good. so i believe that on july 20, bateman, myself, and whoever else wants to come are going to GA to see them. it's going to be ohhhh so much fun. mini road trip.

anywho. other news. my birthday is soooon. july 13th. this means...well, i don't know what it means. we can party it up if you people want to. but that's up to you guys. all i asked for were birkenstocks and to get my window's tinted. and i think that's just what i'm getting. so gooood times.

today, i shall hang out with titties. and it shall be wonderus. i believe we're kidnapping someone today, that should be fun, as well. still not sure if ryan's hanging out. still have to see about that.

but other than that, i'm not doing anything. i cleaned my ass of yesterday, so there's none of that left to do. i just have to put some clothes away in my room. hm.

well. farewell, LJers. have a wonderful day :)
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so i think if i really had to choose. like REALLY. on who to marry, it would come down between penn jillette and anderson cooper.

that's really all i have to update on.

i'm going to watch good eats.

school is okay.

busch gardens was fun, sheikra is absolutely terrifying. but anywho.

ps. it is hot outside. all the time.

pss. still sleeping.
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